All the Techy Things: The Web Designer’s Elaborate Toolbox

So you’ve decided that you want to be a web designer? Some might say that there are a few things you’ll need to learn: 320px, above the fold, Adam7, ads, ads, and more ads, Ajax, algorithm, Angular, animation, Apache, API, AppleScript, Atomic Web Design, Autoprefixer, AWS, Babel, Backbone, Beanstalk, Blade, Bless, binary, Bitters, Bootstrap, Bourbon, … Continue reading “All the Techy Things: The Web Designer’s Elaborate Toolbox”


On Sunday morning at about 2AM, a murderer killed 50 people, and injured over 50 more, at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando Florida. Pulse is a gay nightclub. It was Latinx night. This month is Pride. The murderer purposely slaughtered people in one of their few safe spaces during their month of support and celebration. We … Continue reading “Pulse”

The familiar road may not be the smoothest

A fellow interaction designer who we’ll call Haley showed me an accessibility spec for alternative text by the WCAG.  She wanted my advice. “When we build iconography, we put it all in a sprite and use CSS to display it as a background image. But this says that the image has to have alt text.” Yes, yes … Continue reading “The familiar road may not be the smoothest”