Getting back on the horse

Today’s pet peeve: when you walk into the bathroom and go to turn on the light but it’s on the other side of the door. Electricians! We always turn toward the toilet if we know where it is because that’s where we’re going. Put the light switch on the same side of the door as the toilet is!

Today’s web pet peeve: a site that has infinite scroll AND a footer. How the hell am I supposed to get to that footer when it’s constantly being pushed away from me?

Bonus pet peeve: when you’re a news website and you don’t tell us what state (or for that matter, country) your news is based out of. There are a heck of a lot of Springfields out there.

Today’s fun discovery: this youtube video of the iPhone default alarm as a piano ballad.

(note: there’s nothing but music so there are no captions.)

Let’s try this again in a week, huh?

The enshittification of the web in one image

In 2022, Cory Doctorow described the decline of many internet platforms as “enshittification” in his post Social Quitting. As described by Wikipedia: Enshittification is the pattern of decreasing quality of online platforms that act as two-sided markets. Examples of enshittification include services and products provided by Big Tech companies like Amazon, Bandcamp, Facebook, Google, Reddit, … Continue reading “The enshittification of the web in one image”

Why accessibility is good for business (according to my mechanic)

Editor’s note: Today we bring you a post from Nicolas Steenhout, originally published on Simply Accessible’s website January 26, 2016. As that website is no longer available, we’ve gotten permission from Nic to republish it here. I was lucky to find my mechanic, Pete. He was reliable, affordable, and—maybe his most unique characteristic—honest. When Pete … Continue reading “Why accessibility is good for business (according to my mechanic)”