Why accessibility is good for business (according to my mechanic)

Editor’s note: Today we bring you a post from Nicolas Steenhout, originally published on Simply Accessible’s website January 26, 2016. As that website is no longer available, we’ve gotten permission from Nic to republish it here. I was lucky to find my mechanic, Pete. He was reliable, affordable, and—maybe his most unique characteristic—honest. When Pete … Continue reading “Why accessibility is good for business (according to my mechanic)”

Bikeshedding and Yak Shaving

Warning: jargon ahead! If you’ve been kicking around the Internet, especially as an engineer, for longer than my oldest dog, you probably already know these terms. If you don’t, you’ve experienced them but you didn’t know they had a name. Bikeshedding Bikeshedding is the act of spending all the time involved in making decisions fighting … Continue reading “Bikeshedding and Yak Shaving”