Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter. Black men’s lives matter. Black women’s lives matter. Black children’s lives matter. Black disabled lives matter. Black LGBTQ+ lives matter. Black trans women’s lives matter. Black lives carrying guns matter. Black lives carrying toy guns matter. Black lives carrying cell phones matter. Black lives “mouthing off” to cops matter. Black lives charged … Continue reading “Black Lives Matter”

Work Small

This is something that helps every Agile team I work with but especially the distributed ones: make stories as small as possible — especially where “as small as possible” means “the smallest amount of work I have to explain to someone else”. If your UX person is in Location A, your Java Developer is in … Continue reading “Work Small”

It is OK to say “I need to cancel” in the middle of a pandemic

This is your official permission slip to stop in the middle of anything you’re doing while working from home and say, “I have to go.” That’s all you have to say. ¬†Add “I’ll catch up later” if you want to set expectations. Then disconnect and do the thing. Let me explain. I don’t work from … Continue reading “It is OK to say “I need to cancel” in the middle of a pandemic”