Where the hell have y’all been?

Speaking only for myself, sick as shit, my friends. Since my last post I’ve had a virus (not that virus) and then a double ear / sinus infection, and now a bladder infection.

illustration of a man who is sort of see-through except for his spine, which is red with pain in the lower vertebrae. Captioned my body is a temple. Ancient and crumbling. Probably cursed or haunted.

2020 has been pretty awful, is what I’m saying. And when things are awful it can be hard to find things to write about that aren’t whiny petulant responses to the unfairness of the world, so I haven’t tried.

Black and white photo of a small kitten lying on a blanket, its ears folded down, staring sadly into space. Captioned I can't adult today. Please don't make me adult!

Anyway, at least for today I’m feeling awake and ranty, and there’s plenty of stuff to rant about, so we’re back! Today! At least!

a cat standing up on its hind legs on a longboard (skateboard) going down a relatively gentle slope. The cat is captioned me and the longboard is captioned my bullshit, thus showing that I am back on my bullshit.