A distraction

The editors are having an absolutely shit month, including death, disease, and just overall shit.

So here are two distractions. They’re not much but they’re all I’ve got energy for right now.

First up, this see-saw from hell.

Horrible photoshop foreshortening with small girl on one end of see saw and much larger boy on the other end closer to the camera
Either a) this see-saw is a quarter mile long, b) I’ve been doing foreshortening wrong all these years, or c) this person can’t photoshop images to save themselves.

Next, a pancake dog.

A golden retriever photoshopped so that it is flat on an elevated dog bed.
If you don’t have a dog photo at the same angle as the surface you’re photoshopping the dog into, please let me recommend against using warp or skew to get there.

A user experience in content management that I could live without

Back in the summer of 2005 when I was still a web technical support rep, still studying for my master’s and running out of time for both, I decided it was time to convert my website from something I was manually updating into something that used an actual Content Management Service. I researched Joomla and … Continue reading “A user experience in content management that I could live without”